Custom Tees

Do you need some custom printed tees? We can help! Email us to get in contact with one of our associates who will guide you towards what design you want printed on your shirt? How many shirts you need? And when you expect delivery to be made? Visit our custom shirts link for more information. If you need further assistance you can email us at we would love to hear from you! JAQ is now offering special custom designed t-shirts! We carry blank t-shirts for men, women and youth. Our t-shirts are available in nearly any color and size and are 100% cotton preshrunk shirts. We use the latest in screen printing technology for all custom orders and we do request a 25 t-shirt minimum.


1. Click on a t-shirt near the bottom, than right click to copy the picture to Word, Paint, Photoshop or whatever program you use for editing.

2. Insert your artwork (picture and/or text) on the t-shirt provided.

3. When you are finished save picture and email us your t-shirt with artwork attached.

4. Donít forget to send us your artwork as well. Artwork includes: Your designs, logos and text. (Artwork needs to be a large enough size so we can print it).

5. Send us the number of t-shirts you need and the sizes.

6. Choose which color t-shirts you would like (mix and match is fine). If choosing text and you have a font you like let us know.

7. Please understand it takes days to make t-shirts. We recommend a wait time of 10-14 days before receiving your order. If the design is simple than it will take less time to produce.

8. There is no fixed price on custom orders as the price will depend on the number of colors used as well as the quantity and sizes of t-shirts ordered. Email us for a quote.

By emailing us your design you are agreeing that you can legally use the image you are providing.