Create your own t-shirt design

Have an idea for a t-shirt but really don't need 10 of them? You come to the right place. JAQ is now offering the create your own t-shirts section. We carry blank t-shirts for men, women and youth. T-shirts are available in any color and size and are 100% cotton preshrunk shirts. NO MINIMUM ORDER! Shirts starting at $22.95


1. Click on a t-shirt near the bottom, than right click to copy the picture to Word, Paint, Photoshop or whatever program you use for editing.

2. Insert your artwork (picture and/or text) on the t-shirt provided.

3. When you are finished save picture and email us your t-shirt with artwork attached.

4. Donít forget to send us your artwork as well. Artwork includes: Your designs, logos and text. (Artwork needs to be a large enough size so we can print it).

5. Please understand it takes days to make t-shirts. We recommend a wait time of 8-10 days before receiving your order. If the design is simple than it will take less time to produce.

9. Design your own t-shirts start at $19.95 with $1.00 each additional color used.

10. If you would like to order by phone simple give us a call at 253-507-3389 and one of our representatives will assist you.

By emailing us your design you are agreeing that you can legally use the image you are providing.